Subscription plans and pricing

Institutional plan

Make the World Shakespeare Bibliography Online available to your institution for a modest annual fee with no additional maintenance fees or hidden costs. Current subscribers and subscribers of Project MUSE are eligible for a 15% discount. Institutional subscriptions will run from January-December and can be prorated.

Institutions can preview the World Shakespeare Bibliography Online through a free, IP-authenticated, 45-day trial subscription or order a year-long institutional subscription.

See the terms and conditions of our institutional subscription.

Individual plan

Individual subscriptions are only $88 per year and must be prepaid. Order individual subscriptions through The Johns Hopkins University Press’s individual electronic subscription page. You can receive a 15% discount if you pair your WSB subscription with either a Shakespeare Quarterly or Shakespeare Bulletin subscription; you can receive 30% off if you subscribe to all three.

See the terms and conditions of our individual subscription.

Subscription FAQs

Q: How do you provide institutional access?

A. Institutional access is granted via IP recognition. The subscriber provides IP addresses for the computers that require access to the electronic database on the online order form for the WSB Online.

Distance learners and alumni who access the internet via campus IP accounts or a secure proxy server can receive access, but access is not available to the WSB Online through independent service providers.

Q: Why does the order form require a primary contact and what does that contact person need to do?

A: When institutional access is first set up, the Subscriber needs to appoint an administrator. This person will automatically be added to our administrative list to receive a username and password to monitor the institution’s usage statistics and to receive email alerts regarding policy and content changes, scheduled maintenance and service outages, and related issues.

Q: How do you provide individual access?

A: Individual subscriptions require a login and password. These are assigned during the order process when the subscriber creates their account.

Q: Are usage statistics available to institutional subscribers for the WSB Online?

A: Librarians can view their current usage statistics at http://www.press.jhu.edu/references/stats. Each institution establishes a point of contact (for example, a librarian who deals with electronic resources) who must obtain a login and password from us to access that institution’s usage statistics. Please use our form to request a login and password if your institution does not have one already. Institutions may access the usage statistics tool at any time, seven days a week.

Our usage statistics provide data on the total number of searches and sessions, as well as the number of hits to the full content, individual pages, and chapter PDFs. Statistics reports are available at the institutional level. The statistics are loaded monthly and are displayed in Excel spreadsheet format.

Q: How do I know my subscription data is secure?

A: Our privacy policy can be found at https://www.press.jhu.edu/about/jhup-privacy-policy.