The World Shakespeare Bibliography Online is possible only because of the dedication of the editors of the bibliography published annually since 1950 in Shakespeare Quarterly; the literary detective work of a succession of outstanding research assistants in the WSB office; the faithful, and frequently unrewarded, contributions by the committee of correspondents; the support and encouragement of Gail Kern Paster, Editor, and Barbara Mowat, Consulting Editor, of Shakespeare Quarterly; and the hundreds of Shakespeareans who have sent lists of their publications or offprints or responded generously to requests for information.

Special recognition must go to James L. Harner and Harrison T. Meserole, who brought the Shakespeare Quarterly bibliography into the computer age (while vastly expanding its scope); Priscilla Meserole, former Technical Editor of the WSB; Kris L. May, who keeps the bibliography on its regular publication schedule; Roger Sorrells and John B. Smith, who rewrote and substantially improved the database program that sorts and indexes the bibliography as we transitioned to a digital project; a dedicated group of professionals at Oxford University Press; and the former editors of the World Shakespeare Bibliography.

For the 2015-2016 rebuild of the World Shakespeare Bibliography Online, especial thanks are due to Eric Johnson, Anna Levine, and Mike Poston at the Folger Shakespeare Library, as well as our team of experts from the Web Development Group (WDG) who implemented the upgrade.

Our Folger Shakespeare Library partners, led by Eric Johnson, have also included Gabrielle Linnell, Sophie Byvik, and Jessica Frazier. 

An editor of a project such as the World Shakespeare Bibliography could not ask for a more congenial, dedicated, hard-working team.

The WSB would not have be possible without the generous support of the Department of English and the College of Liberal Arts, Texas A&M University, and of the Folger Shakespeare Library.

Former Editors of the World Shakespeare Bibliography

  • Sidney Thomas 1950-1954
  • Paul A. Jorgensen 1955-1959
  • Robert W. Dent 1960-1965
  • Rudolph E. Habenicht 1966-1971, 1975
  • Bruce E. Nesbitt 1972-1974
  • Thomas F. Grieve 1975
  • Harrison T. Meserole 1976-1992
  • James L. Harner 1989-2014
  • Laura Estill 2013-2020

Former Associate Editors of the World Shakespeare Bibliography

  • Katayoun Torabi 2018-2020
  • Kris L. May 2002-2023
  • Dorothy Todd 2020-2023

Former Technical Editor of the World Shakespeare Bibliography

  • Priscilla Meserole 1976-2001