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Terms and Conditions of World Shakespeare Bibliography Online Subscriptions

The following Terms and Conditions of access govern all WSB Online subscriptions. Subscribing institutions and individuals agree to these terms either by submitting an order for subscription to WSB Online, or by signing this form.

Rights Granted

An institutional subscription to WSB Online grants access to the full text of the resource for educational, research, and personal use by the faculty, staff, students, alumni, library patrons and other authorized users of the subscriber’s geographically contiguous campus or institutional network. Distance learners, alumni, and other off-campus affiliates may access WSB Online if their internet access is through the campus network or via a secure proxy server. An individual subscription to the WSB Online grants access to the full text of the resource for the educational, research, and personal use of the subscribed individual only. Users may download and print information for personal use and archive contents on their own personal computers. They may send one copy of an individual search result by email, hard copy, or fax to one person at another location for that individual’s personal use.

Prohibited Uses

Subscribers and users may not disseminate content from WSB Online outside the geographically contiguous campus or institution by any means, except as noted above. Transmission of the digital source code, whether plain ASCII or tagged, and use of contents and articles in course packs are expressly prohibited. Subscribers and users are also prohibited from modifying, translating, or creating any derivative work based on any materials included in the WSB Online or otherwise using any such materials in a manner that would infringe its copyright. Any copyright notices, other notices or disclaimers included by the publisher in the WSB Online, or any accompanying screen displays may not be removed, obscured, or modified in any way. Providing any fee-for-service use including providing access to or selling copies of the WSB Online or parts of the WSB Online is also prohibited, as is using any part of the licensed materials for any commercial use.


The WSB Online file server permits entry by recognizing the subscribing campus network’s authorized Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for institutional subscribers. Individual subscribers obtain access through unique login and passwords. Distance learners and alumni who access the internet via campus IP accounts or a secure proxy server may use WSB Online, but access is not available through independent service providers. At the time the order is placed, the institutional customer provides IP addresses for the computers that require access to the electronic database. Individuals will be assigned a login and a temporary password, which may be changed by the subscriber. No credit is given for the submission of incorrect or incomplete IP ranges or for IP information submitted late.

Terms and Termination

Subscriptions must be prepaid and entered to expire at the end of the calendar year. New orders placed after January may be prorated for the remaining months in the current calendar year to reach a December 31 expiration date. No refunds or cancellations are allowed. Orders may be placed through library subscription agencies. The Publisher may terminate this license prior to the expiration of the term in the event of a violation by subscribers if such violation has not been remedied within sixty (60) days of written notice from Publisher specifying the nature of the violation. In the event of termination or expiration of this license for any reason, any further access by authorized users to the WSB Online shall terminate.

Data Copyright, Folger Shakespeare Library, 2015, Version #20154, Privacy Statement, Terms and Conditions
Published for the Folger Shakespeare Library by the Johns Hopkins University Press.
Published for the Folger Shakespeare Library by the Johns Hopkins University Press. Published for the Folger Shakespeare Library by the Johns Hopkins University Press.